Titan SAR Mosaic & Mapping Projects

At this google drive, you can find a collection of Cassini SAR data that we put together for the team using the freely available products on the PDS. In that drive can be found 6 SAR mosaics that cover Titan’s entire globe, uniformly projected at the highest available resolution. Other data products include the river mapping from Julia Miller’s 2021 PSJ paper, geomorphologic mapping from our 2017 Icarus paper, and topographic data from Paul Corlies’ 2017 GRL paper. Also included are polar ArcGIS projects with every SAR swath precisely registered, which should easily load into any machine, provided all the data is referenced properly. More data will also be added as it’s produced, though note, this is not a permanent data repository. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and of course, I would kindly ask to please acknowledge the use of this data in any publications (credit: Sam Birch & Alex Hayes).